Brent Underwood


Brent Underwood

Hey there, my name is Brent. I’m originally from Florida, went to New York City for grad school, and am now a proud Austin resident for the past 2 years. In NYC I ran (and lived in) a small backpackers hostel that hosted over 3,000 different guests from all over the world. It was my favorite thing I’ve ever done.

HK Austin is taking all the things I learned after having 3,000 roommates and creating the space we all wanted. A space that facilitates the exchange of ideas, making friends, and enjoying other people’s company. That is what HK Austin is all about.

Other than HK Austin, I am a Partner at Brass Check, the creative marketing and consulting firm. What I get most excited about is getting to meet talented and passionate individuals, which is also why HK Austin is something I love.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!