Tucker Max

Bestselling author. CEO, Book In A Box

Tucker Max

Tucker Max is the author of three #1 New York Times bestselling books including “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” and founder/CEO of Book In A Box. He lives in Austin with his wife Veronica and son Bishop.

You’ve lived all over the place. You now have an amazing wife, kid, and business here in Austin. What drew you to the city and why did you decide to put down roots here?

I decided to move here after I’d been in LA for two years working on my movie. I hated LA, so when that was done I wanted to find the exact opposite place, where good people helped each other and treated each other like humans, not narcissistic supply machines. I picked Austin as a place to go for 6 months to finish my next book, I actually didn’t expect to stay here–I thought it was too small. But it was so amazing, I just kept re-upping my lease until I realized I would never leave. Now here I am.

You’re an advisor over at SKU, a consumer products accelerator based in Austin. Why do you think so many entrepreneurs are choosing Austin to start businesses?

Well, in the consumer product space, it’s because Whole Foods is here. But beyond that space, I think it’s because the quality of life here is so great. It’s cheap, the people are amazing, and there is so much to do. Great people want to live in great places, and this place is great.

If you were in your mid-twenties and headed to Austin to either start something up or expand your current network, what would you do? Who would you reach out to? Where would you hang out?

That kind of depends on what I was trying to do. I’d probably focus on actually making my business or venture successful before I started worrying about networking. But the best way to meet great people in Austin is to get engaged in the community of your choice. There are so many groups of people doing so many awesome things, you just have to make some effort to meet people like yourself, and you’ll find them. Unless you’re just a dick. There aren’t many dicks here, which is really nice.

Where is your favorite place to get work done (outside of your home)?

I will sit in the lobby of the Four Seasons a lot. Great place. Or Cuvee Coffee on east 6th is awesome. They don’t have wi-fi, which makes it perfect for getting work done.

Your favorite BBQ spot?

La Barbecue, or Smittys in Lockhart.

Do you have any off the beaten path Austin destinations to recommend?

Salt & Time is my favorite place to go in Austin. It’s a butcher shop that has an amazing restaurant in it. The people are so nice, the food is great and it’s just so simple to deal with. That’s the thing with Austin though–there are SO MANY cool spots to discover, I think almost every person has their own answer to this question.