Noah De St Croix Kessler

Talent Buyer. C3 Presents

Noah De St Croix Kessler

What brought you to Austin?

I mean… Fate!!! Of course. Hahaha! Nah, I moved to Austin for a job at C3 Presents which is an event organizing, promoting and producing company. We book clubs, venues, casino’s and festivals. I never thought I’d live in Texas, but then again I guess Austin is an anomaly, a blue dot in a red state.

What does your ideal day in Austin look like?

On a day off? Ha! Wake up around 6:30, run over to the springs which are free from 7-8am. Swim laps for 30 min, stretch, sit and meditate for 30 min. Run home, make a shake with cacao nibs, banana, local honey, goji berries, or a good ol’ green shake. Spend an hour or two working on an art project at home. Head over to wanderlust for a yoga class. Hit up Casa De Luz, a local macrobiotic restaurant close to downtown. Great food, awesome people, super chill space to eat, hang and meet some one new. Head over to the greenbelt for an afternoon of swimming and lounging in the sun 🙂 Late afternoon siesta. Roll over to Uchi for an charming and highly sensory satisfying Sushi Dinner. Finally catch a good blue or jazz show at Antone’s or Elephant Room… Maybe back to the springs for a midnight skinny dipping swim 🙂

What’s the best way for a newcomer to experience ACL? Tips, tricks, ideas?

Catch as many shows as possible. Hydrate. Bring a scarf for dust. Petty cab out of the show.

What’s your favorite under-the-radar venue to see shows at?

As mentioned above – the Elephant room is pretty groovy. If you want to check out some local rock bands Hotel Vegas and Cheer Up Charlies are great spots. Also, Emo’s, of course.

Any other hidden Austin gems you’d recommend visitors check out?

The many many watering holes. Weather Up is a great spot to catch up with a friend over an excellent cocktail. Koriente tea-house and asian fusion – cheap, delicious and very affordable. A speak easy named Mandozas – but it ain’t going to be easy to get in 🙂