Matthew Kepnes

Bestselling Author. Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes

Your blog and brand are built around “Nomadic Matt”. What was it about Austin that convinced you to settle down for a bit?

I’ve loved Austin ever since I visited here in 2012. It’s a relaxed city with a cool food truck scene, great weather, music, wild nightlife, and interesting people. It’s growing and becoming a lot more of a cultural as well as tech center.

Why do you think Austin is growing as fast as it is? What does it offer that places like NYC (where you’ve lived before) can’t?

Austin has a lot of things going for it – beautiful weather, lots of outdoor parks and waterways, good food, drinks, and a growing tech scene. There’s a growing foodie scene and, while apartments downtown have gone it, it’s relatively cheap to live here. Plus, there aren’t any taxes! That all combines to a create a amazing place to live and, as more and more people hear about it, more and more people want to come here.

Favorite bars in Austin?

I like Weather Up and anything on Dirty 6th.

Favorite place to get work done?

WeWork downtown. It’s the best co-working space in the city. Halycon is the best coffee shop to sit and hang out in.

What is one thing, above all others, you would recommend everyone coming to Austin do?

Visit the Cathedral of Junk. It’s a pretty interesting, off the beaten path attraction in a guy’s backyard.

Best SXSW tip?

Sign up for the do512. It’s a party list you can put yourself on so you can get into all the parties. No one goes to the official events. All the cool kids hang out at the side events!