Kristina Modares

Realtor. Real Estate Investor

Kristina Modares

I’m a Realtor/real estate investor. My passion is connecting people and meeting great minds. I love Austin and enjoy helping newbies out because I received so much help when I first moved here. The people of Austin are incredibly kind and helpful and I want to return the favor, so please feel free to reach out.

You made the move to Austin right out of college. Why did you choose Austin?

Right after college, I walked the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage in Spain. It was a life-altering experience. I have always had big ideas and dreams but lived the life of a very cautious person. That excursion changed my perspective and the way I make decisions.

I got back home to Atlanta from my trip; woke up the next day and decided to move to Austin. I had never even visited…so, why Austin? Honestly, I craved something new and progressive. My best friend had just moved here and told me she knew I would love it. She was right. I have never before felt like I belonged more in a city.

If you were a young professional moving to Austin for the first time today, what neighborhoods would you look at first? Why?

If you are looking to rent, I would check out Clarksville  It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Austin. Not only is it walking distance to downtown but it’s also in a quiet neighborhood. But West Austin is pricey. So, if you’re looking to buy  I’d say you really can’t go wrong if you’re North  South or East  and within 25 minutes of downtown. These areas are expanding and growing quickly, and many neighborhoods have mixed-use development projects popping up. These developments include restaurants and bars. They create a “downtown feel”, but it’s in your neighborhood!

Rent or buy?

Really, it’s all relative to your situation. If you plan to live in Austin for the next 5 years and have a steady job, it’s probably in your best interest to buy. Talk to a lender—see what you are approved for. It doesn’t hurt to at least see what your options are. Think about how much money you waste in rent each year—there are options for covering a mortgage payment—you could get a roommate or host on Airbnb. I have used to help answer some tough questions.

What have you found are some of the best ways to meet new people in Austin?

Do the things you love, and you will meet awesome people. Do you like biking? Do you like drinking? Hey, there is a group that meets every Thursday—you ride your bike through downtown and then meet at a bar. You really can’t go wrong in Austin. There’s always something going on, and there are always new people who want to hang out and explore. Before moving to Austin, meeting new people terrified me but after throwing myself into so many new situations and realizing how kind people can be—it became natural. Try  there’s a great FB group called “New To Austin 20/30s”, an Instagram account called “When Where What Austin” and for ladies check out BossBabesAtx.

Favorite brunch spot?

I’ll describe one of my favorite Sunday rituals. On Rainey Street around 4 pm, go to Icenhauer’s and check out The Nightowls  There are $6 sangria’s, a lot of dancing people, and a fun Motown band. You can’t go wrong. If you ever want to splurge on a great brunch experience, go to Fonda San Miguel on a Sunday. They have a great atmosphere, and the food is fantastic.

Why do you think Austin has become a hotspot for bachelor and bachelorette parties? If you were coming down as part of one of those groups, what would be a must-see?

It’s crazy how many bachelor & bachelorette parties I encounter out in Austin in the summer. Austin is growing so much and people are constantly talking about it. Word got out about how fun and relaxed this city is. We have a mini “Bourbon Street,” a classy side, delicious food, great breweries and a lake. I’ve noticed these large groups usually gather around Rainey Street and “Dirty 6th” (Austin’s Bourbon Street). To avoid the usual bachelor/bachelorette crowd, I would check out a local brewery, venture to East Austin bars or swim at the Green Belt.