Dylan Love

Staff Writer, The Daily Dot

Dylan Love

Dylan Love is a Staff Writer at The Daily Dot. He has written for numerous publications including Business Insider, Men’s Journal, Modern Farmer, Hakka Labs, Pyrus, Daily Dot, and others.

So you’ve been in Austin for just over a week. What is your favorite thing you’ve done so far?

Talked to people. Store owners, bartenders, people sitting/standing near me. Everyone’s a conversationalist. The biking is quite easy, and I heard there are 54 bike shops throughout the city should you have any problems.

What is one thing everyone told you to do prior to coming to Austin?

Buy cowboy boots.

Did you do it? If so, how was it?

I didn’t. I’m a busy cheapskate.

How does Austin compare to New York City?

It’s certainly hotter. More space, more green. My Gas Station Dr. Pepper Cost Of Living Index registers Austin at $1.89. New York is $2.29.

What excites you most about Austin?


You’re the journalist here. What questions should I ask each person in subsequent Q&As about Austin?

Weirdest conversation, best street sighting, one thing they never thought Austin had but did, one thing they noticed Austin didn’t have.