Charlie Hoehn

Author "Play It Away"

Charlie Hoehn

Charlie Hoehn is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and author of two popular career books — Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety and Recession Proof Graduate . He lives in Austin, TX

Favorite spots and activities to unwind 

Definitely Zilker Park (tossing an Aerobie around) and wandering around the green belt. I also love the Neighborhood Acupuncture Project, as well. It’s a hidden gem, only costs $20 per visit.

 Favorite spots to get work done 

 I’m a fan of Vuka. It’s a nice co-working space that also has outdoor desks under a big tree.

 Best ways to meet new people 

 So many ways to meet people here… Practically speaking, just find one good friend who knows a bunch of people and have them introduce you. But in terms of Austin, I’ve seen people quickly make friends through improv classes, dance lessons, the Sports and Social League, CrossFit… Any sort of group or community that has socializing built in is great.

 The two easiest “tools” that give you permission to talk with anyone are (1) a camera and (2) a dog. Owning a hostel is ideal 🙂 The hard part is that slightly uncomfortable first step — introducing yourself — then asking them to hang out again. Making and sustaining TRUE FRIENDSHIPS in a big city can be pretty challenging.

 Best spot to see a comedy show 

 “Maestro” at 10:00pm on Saturday night at The Hideout Theatre. It’s the longest running improv show in Austin, where 12 improvisers compete against each other to see who’s the funniest.

 Off the beaten path destinations  

 I go on a lot of walks around the greenbelt and I’ve found a bunch of cool spots that are tucked away. I don’t know their names, but just wandering around on these trails has lead to some really cool hidden waterfalls, quiet spots… I’m a little embarrassed I haven’t made my way to Hamilton Pool yet, because that’s supposed to be awesome.